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Useful Numbers and Links

 This page provides helpful information on and telephone numbers of local Medical Examiners, Computerized Testing Centers , Pilot Supply Shops and FAA offices as well as aviation related links.

 Aviation Weather

Aviation Medicine FAQ

  Live ATC Radio

Medical Examiners

Testing Centers 

Pilot Supply Shops

Marv Golden Discount Sales - San Diego (858) 569-5220 / (800) 348-0014
El Cajon Aircraft Supply (619)448-9000

Insurance - Renters, Owners, and Pilot Friendly Life Insurance -Click logo.

Avemco Renters Insurance

FAA Links

FAA Website

International Flight Plan Instructions

National Security Related FDC Notams

Notam Search Website

Airworthiness Directives

Type Certificate Data Sheets - Use search function

CAR Part 3 for Airworthiness Determination ( Subpart F  "Basic Equipement")

14CFR Part 23 for Airworthiness Determination  (Historical-By Subpart-Subpart F)

AC 91-67 for Airworthiness Determination (PDF download)

AC 91-67 for Airworthiness Determination Part 2 (PDF download)

14CFR Part 43 Appendix A

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP