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San Diego Area Flying Clubs

Flight Clubs offer the most affordable way to learn to fly here in San Diego; as well as providing greater availability, affordability, and choice in aircraft type than though a traditional  San Diego flight school. They are also the most economical source of aircraft for certified pilots. The quality of the aircraft, as with flight school airplanes, varies from club to club and aircraft to aircraft, but is generally very good. All of the clubs listed below  perform annual inspections as well as other required inspections. Information on the various clubs available in the San Diego area are provided below. FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) who have met the same requirements as flight school instructors are available through these clubs. Some clubs require that their instructors be club members, others do not. In either case, instruction fees charged by independent flight instructors are generally less than traditional San Diego flight school fees. All CFI's must meet the same minimum FAA standards, regardless of whether they are associated with a flight school or choose to teach independently.  However, instructors who teach independent of flight schools are usually much more experienced than their flight school counterparts.  Clubs are listed alphabetically. 

Note:  Some aircraft  owners  and instructors may give students/pilots a block rate in the form of  a partial refund of costs when  the block of time is completed - usually at least 10 hours.


Armed Forces Aero Club

Coastal Flyers

Consair Flyers

My Flying Club

Plus One Flyers

Pacific Coast Flyers


Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP