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Coastal Flyers Flying Club



Gillespie Airport

Telephone Number

(619) 572-3379

Membership Requirements:

Must be approved by the Board of Directors. Club Checkout required. Open to holder of a Student Pilot License or higher. See remarks below.

Membership Fees:

$2,500 for a one time buy-in which gives partial ownership of club aircraft.  Students may buy in for $600. The $2,500/$600 may not be flown off, but will be refunded upon receipt of request for termination of membership. Monthly Dues are $100 for regular members or $50 for student pilots.

Cross Country Minimums:

1 hour per day. ( May be / often is waived due to low demand / high availability of aircraft.

Aircraft Data:


Aircraft Type

Rate per Hour

Special Info














PA28-181 G 430





Non-Club instructors may provide flight instruction to the holder of a Private Pilot License or higher. Student pilots must receive instruction only from an Instructor who is in the club.

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP