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Let's Fly San Diego


Unlike flight schools, Lets Fly San Diego is a group of independent flight instructors who offer flight training in flying club aircraft for those wanting to learn to fly and for those who already have their pilot license and wish to get advanced flying lessons from experienced instructors. As flying club airplanes are considerably less expensive than flight school airplanes, students can save money by receiving their training from independent flight instructors. Additionally, the most experienced instructors become independent instructors so that administrators don't take the lion's share of the instruction fee. This allows them to charge their students less than flight schools. On the other hand, most instructors at flight schools have less than two years flight instruction experience. (see the Independent Flight Instruction FAQ) for a better explanation of why this is.)


Montgomery Field, San Diego

Telephone Number:

Click here for phone number or email form

Rental Requirements:

Same as club you choose.

Instruction Fees:

  Flight  - $80/hr.  Ground - $ 60/hr. 
                                    Late Afternoon/Evenings & Weekends $10/hr more (& subject to availability).

Cross Country Minimums:

Same as club you choose (usually only 1 hour).

Aircraft Data:

  Aircraft costs can be found on the Club Pages.

Advantages of learning to fly with us:

Lower cost than flight schools
Experienced professional instructors
Stage checks given by a senior instructor.
Stage checks given for all levels of pilot training.
Senior instructors rates same as student's primary instructor
Safety-oriented, quality flight training
Three Ground Training Options:
        Integrated home study - allows flexibility for busy students
        Community College - for students who prefer deadlines to keep themselves on track
        Local Ground School - similar to college, but can start mid-semester.
Flexible payment options
Variety of aircraft types available for training
Large number of training aircraft
Ability to train in the same aircraft you will be flying after you achieve your pilot license.

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP