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Introductory Flight Lesson


A typical introductory flight lesson will consist of an outline of the course of instruction, followed by an explanation of aircraft controls and their functions. The flight portion will normally last about 1 hour. During the flight portion the instructor will explain and demonstrate the use of the controls and allow the prospective student to operate them one at a time building up to full control of the aircraft. After the flight portion, the student is invited to ask questions and sign up for further instruction. A prospective student can expect to spend 1 hour on preflight ground instruction and as much as 30 minutes on post flight discussion. 

For more information about purchasing an introductory flight gift certificate for someone else, please follow this link: Introductory Flight Gift  *

If you need the flight to occur in less than two weeks or for the discounted weekday only rate
, please follow one of these links instead:

*Please note - The Intro Lesson is subject to instructor and airplane availability, so if you want the lesson to be on a particular date please confirm both before
purchasing.  Unfortunately, EVEN THEN, due to unexpected weather, aircraft issues, or scheduling conflicts NO PARTICULAR DATE OR TIME CAN BE GUARANTEED.

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Updated  12/15/2022

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP