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San Diego Area Flight Schools


Listed below are the flight schools in the San Diego, California area which meet the minimum qualifications of FAA Regulations, Part 141 (Certification Requirements for Flight Training Schools) and have been in operation for at least five years. Due to the numerous schools which have popped up and just as quickly gone out of business, it is recommended that any prospective school meet this longevity requirement.   As the vast majority of flight instructors who teach through formal schools rather than independently have less than two years instructional experience,  it is best to ensure that at least the flight school management is more experienced.

I have also listed Let's Fly San Diego even though it is not a formal Part 141 school because the instructors involved have more (much more) than five years experience and use a standardized syllabus, even as part 141 schools do.  Viewers should read the  Independent  Flight Instruction FAQ  if they believe that receiving flight training through a formal flight school is the only good option.  What is best for any given student will depend on the student's particular situation.

The  Formal San Diego Flight Schools are listed in random order.

Note:  Most flight schools offer training packages that lower the cost per hour if the package is used in full, however the packages are usually based on minimum time requirements, whereas the average student will often need double the minimum hours.  Additional hours should be considered in the total cost using the rates listed here.  It is recommended that any agreements/package conditions be read carefully to determine any cancellation/penalty/refund policies..

Flight Schools

Let's Fly San Diego

Flight Training International

Miramar Community College

Palomar Community College

Golden State

Pinnacle Aviation

California Flight Academy

Sling Pilot Academy  

  Updated 12/16/2022

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP