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Golden State Flying Club (school)



 Gillespie Field

Telephone Number:


Rental Requirements:

Checkout required in highest aircraft to be flown.

Instruction Fees:

Flight Instruction $75/hr, Ground Instruction $75/hr.   Advanced Flight / Ground Instruction $80/hr.    

Cross Country Minimums:


Aircraft Data:


Aircraft Type

Rate per Hour

Fuel Surcharge






Piper PA28-161


+9% = $153.69


Piper PA28-161


+9% = 164.59


Piper Archer  PA28-181


+9% = 164.59


Piper Archer  PA28-181


+9% = 170.04


 For students $600 must be placed on deposit, which will be refunded upon completion of training.   While the name includes "Club", I am including this in the Flying School Area because it is not a non-profit/not for profit organization, it's rates are higher than the typical club and they only rent to students who received their training through their school.  However, membership and dues of $29/month are required. Golden State offers a 40 hour Ground School for $455 plus books 4 times a year Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct.  

Updated 11/03/2022
Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP