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Airport Locations


Map of the Greater San Diego, California area in the United States

Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport -

Located 1 mile Southeast of the highway 805 and 163 intersection in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.
Map/directions for Montgomery Field

Gillespie Field

 - Located 3 miles Northeast of the highway 8 and 67 intersection in El Cajon.
Map/directions for Gillespie Field

Brown Field Municipal Airport -

Located on Otay Valley Rd. in Otay Mesa.
Map/directions for Brown Field Airport

McClellan-Palomar Airport -

Located along the coast 5 miles north of Del Mar. 
Map/directions for McClellan-Palomar Airport


 Airport - Located near the intersections of highways 67 and 78 in the north county.
Map/directions for Ramona Airport

Oceanside - Bob Maxwell Memorial Airport - Located 2 miles East of the intersection
of Hwy 5 and Rte 76
Map/directions for Oceanside Airport

Updated  06/06/19
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