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California Flight Academy



Gillespie Airport

Telephone Number:

(619) 448-2212

Instruction Fees:


Cross Country Minimums:

2 hours per day

Aircraft Data:


Aircraft Type

Rate per Hour

  Special Info

Fuel Surcharge


Cessna 172SP


  Vulcanair V1.0      
2 Beech Duchess BE-76 $247.00 +  
1 Redbird full motion FTD $90 + N/A



  Rental only to current and former students.  Renters insurance is required to be purchased by both students and former student renters.  It is unclear if CFA has/is able to obtain their own insurance.   VA approved for advanced training for students who already have their Private Pilot License.  Unlike most other schools, additional hours beyond the course "package" rates are not billed at a higher rate.
+  Rates are wet when fuel is purchased through them or using their fuel card at another airport.
*  The fuel surcharge applies to all flights and is per hour as of 11/16/15.  If their cost goes up or down, so may the surcharge.  Aviation fuel is typically $2 more per gallon than auto fuel.In Process


Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP