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Miramar Community College

Aviation Ground School Option

Miramar College is a fully accredited 2 year Community College which offers Associate Degrees in Aviation Science and Aviation Management. They provide extensive ground school for all levels of training, but do not provide flight instruction. Flight instruction must be obtained from an independent instructor or flight school concurrently with enrollment or after completion of one or more classes. Credits will be given for flight instruction received upon completion of the associated Mesa course and receipt of the appropriate pilot certificate or rating. Classes are on the semester system, with morning and night classes available.  Approximate cost is $220 + books/class for California residents.  Add $600 for non-residents.


10440 Black Mountain Rd.

Telephone Number:

Aviation Dept. Admissions Dept. - (858) 536-7800

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Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP