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Pinnacle Aviation Flight School



 Palomar Airport

Telephone Number:

 (760) 929-1009

Instruction Fees:

 $80 - $90/hour flight and ground.  $95 -$100/hr for Chief Instructor

Cross Country Minimums:

 3 hr per day minimum flight time for 8 hour to 24 hour rentals.  If the flight time is less than the minimum,
the shortfall in time is charged at 1/2 the normal rental rate.

Aircraft Data:


Aircraft Type

Rate per Hour

Special Info


Cessna 152


Disc. Rate $129.00

Cessna 172R


Disc. Rate $175.00


Cessna 172SP


Disc. Rate $180.00


Cessna 172SP G1000


Disc. Rate $185.00


Cessna 182T G1000


Disc. Rate $230.00



Piper Seminole - Garmin 430 x2


Disc. Rate $335.00

1 Frasca Mentor G-1000 $75.00 Disc. Rate $75.00 Simulator



 To receive the discount rate you will need to maintain a credit card on file and a minimum of $100 on account at all times or prepay
your flight and $100 deposit.  VA approved for advanced training of students who already have a Private Pilot Certificate.  They do rent
aircraft to non-students after an aircraft checkout.  Deductibles for pilot at fault accidents are $5,000/$10,000 single/multi respectively.
Renters insurance is recommended and can be obtained by clicking 

Updated 08/2/21


Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP