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San Diego Flight Training International



Montgomery Field

Telephone Number:

(858) 569-1822 


Rental Requirements:

 Rentals to non-students not available.

Instruction Fees:

Flight and Ground Instruction - Junior Instructors $84-68/hr; Senior Instructors $117-$79/hr; Cheif/Assistant Cheif Flight Instructor $158-108/hr.

Cross Country Minimums:

2 hours per day for overnight trips.

Aircraft Data:


Aircraft Type

Rate per Hour

Special Info

Fuel Surcharge
    * Course rate See Remarks


Cessna 152



4 Cessna 172R $169.00 $136.00  







  Beech Baron B55



1 Fly-It FTD $95.00 $66.00  


    $500 must be placed on account to receive discounted rates and enrolled in a course. $1000 for discount to apply to Twin Engine Aircraft as well.  Currently not renting aircraft to non-students.    Unlike other schools/clubs, a city tax of %2.75 is not included in the rate and will be tacked on to the cost.  Various packaged training programs are available.  However, they only includes 35 hours of flight training and 70 hours of ground. (Remember, the national average is 75 hours of Flight training.) Therefore, the average student would need to at least double the package price.  This school charges enrollment fees.   +  The Fly-It a Visual/Instrument  - Single/Multiengine training device with two seats to facilitate dual instruction. It may only be used for a small portion of the flight training and may only be flown dual (i.e. with an instructor).

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP