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My Flying Club



Montgomery Field


Membership Requirements:

  Club is for primarily for introductory flight lessons and dual instruction. Students not wishing to fly solo in the club, only need to complete application and provide copy of Driver's License (neither are required for 1st/introductory flight lesson).  Instructors need minimum of 250 hrs. total time, 50 hours dual given, and 25 hours in model.

Membership Fees: 

No Initiation Fee.   Dues $15/month 2 Calendar Month minumum.  No dues for instructors.  No dues or membership required for single introductory flight.

Cross Country Minimums: 1 hour per day.

Aircraft Data:


Aircraft Type

Rate per Hour

Special Info







$130/hr for intro flights

1 C-172N $125 $130/hr for intro flights
Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP