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Integrated Flight Training

Safety should always be the first and foremost consideration of any flight training program. Not just keeping the training itself safe, but integrating procedural safety into the pilots habit patterns and flying technique. The pilot needs to be taught not to think "How do I do this?", but instead "How do I do this safely?"

In order to do this, the instructor needs not only teach the student to recognize the general conditions that compromise safety and eliminate or mitigate them, but also the specific situations associated with each operation that compromise safety.

This goes beyond common instructional practices that focus on what to do when things go wrong, instead making the primary consideration the reduction of the risk factors that lead to things going wrong in the first place.

Unfortunately, most instructors do not teach with this level of sophistication. To learn how to find the ones who do see the Interview a Flight Instructor page.

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Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP