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Piper Arrow - PA-28R-201

Performance Specifications


Manufacturer: Lycoming
Model: IO-360-C1C6
Horsepower: 200 hp


Gross Weight: 2750 lbs/1247 kgs
Standard Empty/Equipped Weight (*b,c): 1766 lbs/801 kgs
Standard Useful Load (*a): 992 lbs/450 kgs


Wing Span: 35.4 feet/10.8 meters
Length: 24.7 feet/7.5 meters
Height: 7.9 feet/2.4 meters
Wing Area: 170 square feet/15.79 square meters

Fuel Capacity

Usable Fuel: 72 gallons/273 litres

Maximum Speed

TAS at Gross Weight: 145 kts/269 kmh

Cruising Speeds

Normal Cruise Speed: 137 kts/254 kmh

Cruising Range

Cruising Range: 658 nm/1219 km
(45 minute reserve at 75% power)

Stall Speed

Flaps Down Full 40 degrees: IAS 55 kts/IAS 101 kmh

Service Ceiling

(100 fpm): 16,200 feet/4938 meters

Take-Off Distance

Total over 50-foot obstacle: 1600 feet/487 meters

Landing Distance

Total over 50-foot obstacle: 1520 feet/463 meters


*a. Standard Useful load is ramp weight minus standard equipped weight.
*b. The standard empty weight and standard equipped weight are the same.
*c. Standard aircraft per marketing.

Contact the Author: Bruce J. Elig CFII/MEI/ATP